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I’m Phyllis Bittel, LMT, and have been licensed as a massage therapist

in Florida since 1993. 

I opened Palm City Massage Therapy, Inc. in January 2002.  

I am Palm City Massage Therapy. 


My practice has changed over the years, and yet my love for the work continues

to grow stronger.  When I first began working as a therapist I saw myself as a Fixer. 

I thought that I could utilize my skills and provide a cure, or fix, for the problems

that presented.  Over the years I have come to recognize that I am not a Fixer. 

I am a Facilitator.  I cannot fix someone else’s body; I can facilitate the changes

that the individual chooses to make.   This does not mean that problems never resolve. 

Many times they improve rapidly, sometimes they continue throughout the lifetime

of the individual. 

I cannot cure arthritis pain; I can help the individual feel better in their body.


There has been a perception that therapeutic massage is painful,

that it’s intensity will cause the recipient to feel pain before it improves. 

I’ve had people think that the only effective massage is to be so deep that it causes bruising and pain for several days after treatment.  Never, in all my training, have I been told that the only way to be effective is to hurt someone!  Actually, it’s just the opposite!  Why would we want to irritate and anger the tissue that is already in distress? 

Why would we take healthy tissue and subject it to unnecessary discomfort?


This does not mean that there isn’t benefit to effectively mobilizing the deep layers

of soft tissue.  Through myofacial release and neuromuscular techniques we can gain greater mobility and flexibility without the painful overstimulation

of massage techniques that hurt.  There is a place for loving the body into health instead of punishing it for being uncomfortable.


Many clients refer to this form of gentle, deep tissue work as “It hurts so good!” 

When the body is worked within its tolerances it will effectively release and respond better to further work.  That is the contract I make with my clients; to work within their comfort zone and achieve the greatest response we can, each and every visit. 


Unlike some places that sell contracts or packages, or promise to “Fix You in Five Visits!” my goal is to work with you to fit your needs, budget and time availability. 

If I don’t feel that I am able to meet your goals or you prefer a different type

of bodywork I will gladly help you find the right place for you. 

Having practiced in the area for over 30 years I can offer a wide selection of referrals

for other massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, orthopedists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, etc. 

The ultimate goal is to improve the client’s well being, and I'm committed to making

the partnership the best possible. 

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