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Prior To Your Massage:

 For the first visit to the office, plan to arrive a few minutes early

to fill out a client history form.

Every effort is made to begin each session at the appointed time. 

If you arrive late, the full treatment time scheduled may not be possible, but you will be charged for the full amount.

Please discuss specific areas needing treatment and the technique desired at the beginning of the massage.

You are advised to leave jewelry at home.  It is the client’s responsibility

to remember all personal effects.  Palm City Massage Therapy is not responsible for lost or forgotten items.


After Your Massage:

It is helpful to drink extra water after a massage. 

If you experience any tenderness after the massage, it is suggested that you use ice to ease any soreness. 

If you notice anything unusual, please call the office and discuss this

with the therapist.

Cell Phones:

In an effort to best enjoy the massage experience please plan to turn your cell phone or pager off or to silent mode when entering the office. 

It is disruptive to relaxation to have interruptions, unless there is an anticipated emergency.

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