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Palm City Massage Therapy endeavors to provide the best therapeutic massage experience to each and every client.

Treatment of specific client needs may include a broad range of modalities, techniques and approaches.

Each massage is structured to provide the client with an individualized approach.

Depending on the expressly communicated needs of the client, the therapist will use gentle, deep tissue techniques

thoughtfully coordinated to achieve the desired outcome.

Trained in a wide variety of modalities and having practiced for over 30 years, the therapist will work

with each individual to create a massage that best suits the client's needs.

The client's comfort, safety and needs are the most important aspects of the massage.

At no time will the client be asked to do something that is inappropriate or endure pressure that may cause

the client discomfort. The therapist will provide a safe and effective amount of pressure

within the client's tolerance.

There is no additional charge for "Deep Tissue" massage. If the client requests more pressure or services

that the therapist is unwilling or unable to provide, a referral will be offered to other providers. 
"No pain! No gain!" worked well for Jane Fonda.

Her approach to aerobic exercise, however, has no place in the philosophy of Palm City Massage Therapy.

Other massage therapists may co-opt this approach, but a wholistic, kind approach

is offered at Palm City Massage Therapy.

We've moved!

Our new location is very near where the office has been located for several years.

Due to the change there will be limited access and availability.


COVID Considerations

Please understand that every possible safety measure will be implemented, but any interaction is not without risk.


Modalities Include:

Gentle, deep-tissue massage
Neuromuscular therapy
Myofascial release
Reiki, Energy and Vibrational work

Basic craniosacral therapy
Pregnancy massage
Infant massage training for new parents
Child and adolescent massage (With parent's permission and supervision)


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30 Minute Massage ........ $50
60 Minute Massage ........ $90
75 Minute Massage ........ $110
90 Minute Massage ........ $130

Gift Certificates:

Gift certificates are available in any amount.  Please contact us by email or phone to discuss how best to handle your request.

Cancellation Policy:

Please remember the importance of giving proper notice to reschedule

or cancel an appointment.

   48 hour notice is requested.

   24 hour notice is required.

Failure to give required notice will incur a charge

for the missed appointment.

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